We have extensive professional experience in dealing with corporate restructuring, corporate recovery and insolvency, offshore incorporation and transfer of ownership and management.

We also have expertise in Mergers & Acquisitions, public takeovers, public-private partnerships, private equity, and joint ventures.

  • Planning, establishment, and alteration of companies; registration and alter registration formation.
  • Providing legal advice for major economic activities such as investment, cooperation with other parties, and grant licensing
  • Drafting, reviewing, revising and writing various kinds of legal papers and legal documents, contracts, agreements, letter of intent, memorandum, due diligence report.
  • Providing consultation and acting on behalf of the client on the deregistration, clearing, bankruptcy and re-structuring.
  • Optimizing transaction plan; ensuring the legitimacy and feasibility of the plan.
  • Providing consultation on issues including government approval, record, registration and exemption and assisting related proceedings.
  • Conducting due diligence and providing prevention and solutions to legal risks.
  • Assisting the transfer of asset, equity or shareholding rights.
  • Participating negotiation, drafting, reviewing legal documents concerning asset, equity or shareholding right transfer.
  • Legal services after the completion of M&A.


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