Salah graduated from the university of Baghdad on 1998 and started working as individual lawyer by establishing AlKhazrji Office. He gained the experience on high level in different fields in litigation and others. 

Salah represent the local and multinational companies or individuals before the Iraqi entities whether directorates or courts gained the experience in dealing with the litigation matters. He participated in re-legislative the Iraqi laws by submitting suggestions in order to be approved by government and the amended laws will be applied; this will affect in the first place on assisting the people in settling their issues and on the procedures’ nature in Iraq. 

Also, Salah is a member of the Iraqi Philatelic & Numismatic Association and its legal counsel whereas this foundation has been established in 1945. Salah is one of the founders of charity organization (Al-Hayat in North) which is a foundation established in Germany, Bremen to serve the community and provide assistance to all the community levels. 

His experience includes a broad range of financings involving all types of assets, with a particular focus litigation and dispute resolution. He has advised in relation to acquisitions and disposals of both private and public companies as well as in corporate aspects of restructuring/distressed situation deals and real estate deals, whether undertaken in Iraq.

He represented clients in civil, commercial disputes, corporate and regulatory advisory matters with a focus on banking and financial services, energy, shipping and international trade. Also handles a wide array of commercial matters ranging from intellectual technology litigation, insurance-related claims, employment disputes, family law disputes.

He has advised a number of government statutory bodies on various advisory and regulatory matters. He handled both wet and dry shipping matters in Iraqi courts and advises owners, banks and shipyards on various aspects and shipping disputes including arrests, enforcement of maritime claims, shipbuilding contracts and disputes, and limitation of ship owners’ liability.

Salah was well-known for being a lawyer specializing in CRIMINAL LAW due to the large number of clients he represented in this field and various cases such as:

Contractual And Commercial Disputes

Financial Crimes


Cyber Crimes

Victims Compensation

Property Crimes

Amending the Penal Code Legislation

Cyber Crimes

Consultations Regarding United Nations Security Council Resolutions

Civil Crimes

Proof of Parentage

Children Nursery

In addition to above, below are other experiences of matters that he worked on it.

  • Represent clients in Human Rights issues.
  • Handle criminal litigation defending on the prisoners in the American Prisons.
  • Working with other lawyers to amend the laws and submit it to the legislative directorate.
  • Advice on investment disputes.
  • Represent investors before National Investment Commission and negotiate regarding the disputes resulted from the contracts implementations.
  • Lawsuits related to disputes of infrastructure violations in the sector of oil, Energy, Shipping, Sulphur and Gas.
  • Handle civil claims
  • Establishing universities and place the legal structure for the internal contracts.
  • Drafting joint venture, franchise and intellectual property agreements.
  • Represent banks in private sector and develop the policy and procedures of the private banks to be converted to bank institution.
  • Assist international organisations to provide the logistic support for the arrested people and claim their rights to be transferred to fair trial.
  • Professor in the seminars, development meeting to speak about the anti-terrorism, crime, and community protection and human rights.
  • Assist families in lawsuits related to proof of parentage.
  • Counsels companies and businessmen in order to anticipate and foresee any fraudulent or malpractice operation either from employees or third parties.
  • Provides direct and instant protection to companies where there are circumstances of unfair competition; fraudulent misuse of trade names, trademarks and copyrights, or improper soliciting of their customers.
  • Financial crimes pertaining to cheques, fraud, robbery, breach of trust and bankruptcy.
  • Crimes related to forgery; credit card and fraud, identity theft and wire fraud insurance counter and unfair competition.
  • Offenses against the person including, inter alia, burglary murder, assault and battery, sexual offenses, malpractice; and personal injury and due to negligence;
  • Crimes related to personal dignity including, inter alia, defamation, slander, libel and personal offense.
  • Crimes related to money laundering and white collar crime.
  • Represented the general contractor for a project in litigation with the owner and several dozen subcontractors concerning delays, design defects and extra work claims.
  • Advised a large regional energy company on the resolution of design defect claims against a supplier of once-through steam generators for a power facility.
  • Defended the owner and developer of a planned business community, in an arbitration against a general contractor concerning overcharges.
  • Advised the owner of one of the nation’s hospital networks in an arbitration against an architect concerning design defects.
  • Represented the general contractor in litigation concerning design defects in office buildings.
  • Advised contractors in federal debarment proceedings and state licensing proceedings.
  • Represented parties in state and federal bid protests.

Hussein is Partner and Head of Jordan Office registered with the Bar Association of Jordan, he has extensive experience in intellectual property, corporate law, mergers and acquisitions. He has actively participated in different administrative procedures concerning action and defense of industrial property elements and copyrights, both at the administrative and judicial level, planning.

He assists companies with the planning and implementation of complex, multijurisdictional corporate reorganization projects, including post-acquisition integrations, separations and spin-offs, holding company and supply chain restructurings, and entity rationalizations. In addition, she advises clients on establishing operations outside Jordan.



  • Advising major multinationals operating in the Middle East on the impact of the economic situation.
  • Advised a global industrials company on an investigation into embezzlement claims and compliance issues, following its global acquisition of another major player in this sector
  • filing claims with the civil and criminal courts against in different feilds whether commercial or criminal.
  • Advised a bank in connection with its legal obligations in relation to breaches of trade sanctions laws, dealing with local and foreign regulators.
  • Advising holding company on the structuring, development, financing and construction of a USD1 billion.
  • Advise on a venture capital investment into a specialty chemicals company.
  • Entity Formation and Operational Documents – creating LLCs, Series LLCs, and preparing associated operational documents
  • Business and Enterprise Agreements– drafting independent contractor agreements, liability waivers, nondisclosure agreements, non compete agreements
  • IT Services Contracts and Government Practice Areas
  • Business Formation & Corporate Transactions
  • Contracting: Preparing service agreements, IP agreements; assisting with government entity RFPs and contracts.
  • Commercial Real Estate, Negotiating and preparing PSAs, secured lender documents, commercial leases, personal guarantees, and other related real estate documents.
  • Provided legal assistance to location selection, due diligence, identification of potential risks and applicable regulatory matters for the real estate acquisition and development for the establishment of shops, including the drafting and negotiation of letters of intent, Promissory and final Purchase and Sale Agreements, Lease Agreements, Trust Agreements and Development Agreements, among others, as well as with the procurement of required permits and licenses.
  • Advise on Investment Law and Regulations, the conversion of a long-term lease into a real estate acquisition trust, the procurement of tax and government fee exemptions, consular purposes, obtaining of permits for the development of the new consulate compound, procurement of all feasibilities for public utilities and for the installation of infrastructure at the consulate compound.
  • Advise on Taxes and Social Secuirty.
  • Taxes calculations imposed on the signed contracts, invoices and purchase orders.

Yasser has unique knowledge and substantial experience in a variety of corporate and real estate practice areas. This includes commercial finance, capital markets and securities, mergers and acquisitions, corporate structure and governance, and complex real estate acquisitions.

He provided clients with advices on main board listings, regulatory compliance for listed companies, mergers and acquisitions, financing, delistings, and investigations.

Yasser diverse background gives him a unique ability to advise clients on various aspects of a deal, particularly at the intersection of the corporate, finance, and real estate practice areas.



  • Drafting contracts and include the obligation of each party related to new complex.
  • Advise on loans procedures for projects and what is the legal sides and effects on the advanced operational payments.
  • Represented a major a financial institution in a private equity investment.
  • Represent clients in litigation related to disputes between sellers and buyers.
  • Advise clients on the use and negotiation of state and local economic incentives throughout the country to assist in the financing of new industrial, commercial, multifamily and mixed projects.
  • Represent clients in mergers and acquisitions, private equity, secured lending, workouts, and restructuring.
  • Representing at various times lenders, borrowers, buyers, sellers, and businesses in all types of matters gives Ted a uniquely broad perspective and the ability to creatively help clients achieve their goals.
  • Provide banks with the credit procedures and facilities to private equity firms and to non-bank lenders, which require cutting-edge structuring.
  • Assist clients with matters such as raising capital, merging businesses, and divestments.

Hussein is Partner and Head of Sweden Office specialised in Litigation matters. As a ltigation lawyer cover and a negligence and personal injury attorney,  he has he won cases for countless clients in both civil and criminal court. Also, Hussein has substantial civil litigation experience involving bad faith claims, party’s claims, appraisal, and mediation although he believes that all parties are best served when they can agree to disagree and resolve their differences.

He focuses on investigations and enforcement actions on issues that range from consumer protection (unfair/deceptive trade practices) to antitrust to healthcare. His representations include companies in many of the industries that have been the subject of recent state attorney general enforcement, including e-commerce, fintech, daily fantasy sports, travel/hospitality and online higher education.



  • Advise clients surrounding rights and obligations in power and natural gas purchase, supply and related agreements. Issues include price escalation, force majeure and related claims and defenses, and clients include end-use industrial purchasers, parties to financial transactions from energy trades, and supplying parties. Impacted sources include traditional power, renewable energy, and natural gas.
  • Advise on contractual disputes and breaches.
  • Represent clients in property damages, repair costs and other impacts against parties involved in the constructions.
  • Prosecuted damages and injunctive relief claim by real estate lifecycle software and services provider against competitor for tortious interference and business disparagement.
  • Managed and oversaw the prosecution of a claim for contractual damages due to a cogeneration utilities provider’s emergency power outage
  • Managed and supervise an extensive early assessment, planning and budgeting process for contentious matters that were not yet in formal legal proceedings, to determine whether they were appropriate for pre-suit resolution.
  • Represente several major oil companies in a dispute over the cancellation of a contract.
  • Managed and oversaw a tax claim seeking repayment due to an appraisal authority’s over-evaluation.
  • Counsel for client in product liability litigation.
  • Advising a global tech in relation to a high profile, multijurisdictional patent litigation case.
  • Represent clients in complex issues relating to antitrust and anti-competition claims, standard-setting claims and defences and issues concerning what constitutes a fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory licensing commitment in the standard-setting context.
  • Advise a global listed medical technology manufacturer of a drug delivery system in patent infringement proceedings in different countries related to patents.

Arabia advise financial institutions, sponsors and corporates in a variety of domestic and cross-border finance transactions, in particular on syndicated lending, leveraged and acquisition finance and general corporate finance. She also advises debt funds and investors in a wide range of complex private placement transactions.

She has acquired extensive experience in assisting major and international banking in all types of structured finance transactions such as acquisition and leveraged finance, corporate finance, project finance, public finance and infrastructure financing.



  • Banking registeration and obtain approvals in addition to open branches in other countries.
  • Advise on electronic payments and the legal sides for the credit/debit cards.
  • Advise on the agreements for payment settlements between the owner companies of the credit card and the holder people for it.
  • Advise on legal vetting for the companies who want to open a ban accounts.
  • Provide clients with due diligence including the judicial background for the bank’s clients.
  • Advise on an array of sophisticated credit transactions and financial instruments at all levels of the corporate capital structure.
  • Advise on leveraged buyouts, tender offers and other recapitalizations and going private transactions.
  • Advise on lending, encompassing pre-transaction diligence, structuring, documentation, closing and post-closing transaction administration, including covenant compliance, extensions, restructurings, refinancings and lender liability matters.
  • Assist clients with investment grade and commercial lending, including working capital and warehouse lines and facilities
  • Energy capital markets and energy financing, including oil and gas and alternative energy.
  • Distressed debt, securities and claims trading, troubled loan resolution, workouts, restructurings, debtor-in-possession and exit financings.

Ali practices primarily in the areas of employee benefits and executive compensation. He regularly advises clients with respect to their tax-qualified retirement plans and employee welfare benefit plans.

His practice encompasses the design, restructuring, communication, operation and administration of such plans. He’s experienced with the  analysis and advise on employee benefit issues that arise in the context of complex mergers, acquisitions and lending transactions. Ali also advises clients in the area of executive compensation, primarily with respect to adopting and maintaining nonqualified deferred compensation arrangements that are intended to avoid taxes imposed.

Ali practice covers a broad range of corporate finance and commercial transactions with an emphasis on lending, acquisitions and joint ventures. He has extensive experience representing banks in senior loan transactions, as well as representing public and private companies as borrowers in a broad array of finance transactions.



  • Advise on employment issues and termination, notices.
  • Assist clients in revising form construction contracts to include concepts related to Integrated Project Delivery and Building Information Modeling.
  • Advised a regional general contractor in connection with both public and private bidding on RFPs for commercial and complex residential projects.
  • Advised a national homebuilder concerning the revision of standard contracts.
  • Negotiated on behalf of a regional general contractor in a contract for the installation of mechanical components in an industrial facility owned by a large multinational corporation.
  • Advised an equipment rental company regarding changes to contracts to conform with an insurance carrier’s requirements.
  • Advised a health care services provider with the review and revision of construction contracts to be used in a nationwide effort to upfit leased spaces.
  • Advised an industrial filtration equipment supplier regarding the licensure requirements of numerous states.
  • Corporations registeration and classification of the constructions companies.
  • Register companies with the social security and taxation.
  • Share transfer process, obtain tax clearance, issue new documents after completing the procedures.
  • Prepare financial statements and taxes calculation, withholding taxes.
  • Register hospitals and obtain approvals.
  • Register machines and equipments and certify its documents by the Notary Public
  • Register employees with the social security.
  • Advise and interpet laws of HR, draft code of conduct, policies and certify it from the ministry of labour.
  • Draft contracts and agreements.
  • Advise on commercial agencies contracts.

Abdulla is an expert in tax law and assists blue-chip national and international companies in the oil, gas and energy sectors.

He focuses primarily on corporate and tax consulting in the contexts of direct and indirect taxes, following corporate reorganisations, transfers of holdings and companies and financing and refinancing operations. He has also acquired significant experience assisting and representing companies and individuals in litigation and pre-litigation proceedings.


Abdulla also provides consulting services in relation to the taxation of individuals, in particular on problems related to the monitoring of foreign assets, the application of double taxation treaties and the taxation of income from foreign sources.



  • Share transfer and clear the taxes situation, issue new documents according to the new shareholders.
  • Register constructions companies and classify it with the Ministry of Planning.
  • Financial Statement preparation and coordinatization to be submitted and taxes calculations with the taxation authority.
  • Obtain clearance letter.
  • Provide clients with operation documents for companies registration.
  • Advise on the tax structuring of complex international contracts.
  • Advise clients on the tax management of its subsidiaries.
  • Assist large multinational companies in the tax aspects of operational integration following significant mergers and acquisitions.
  • Several large multinational corporations in connection with supply chain reorganizations intended to increase value of business units prior to disposition.
  • A global consumer brands company in a strategic review of worldwide transfer pricing positions and impact on foreign tax credits and repatriation;
  • A global exchange in the expansion of its international operations.
  • several corporate taxpayers in multilayer, cross-border dividend recapitalization transactions.
  • Several companies in evaluating and executing operating models for products under development; and corporate taxpayers in privilege, work product and document retention issues arising in connection with financial audits.
  • Obtain taxes clearance and taxes calculations.
  • Structuring LLCs and partnerships
  • Tax audits, litigation and other controversies
  • Tax-free mergers and reorganization
  • State taxation
  • Organizing and advising tax-exempt entities and obtaining determination rulings
  • Tax-exempt bonds, including financings for governmental units, exempt hospitals and educational institutions, and exempt facilities
  • General tax planning
  • Assist a public manufacturing company with supply chain management, including drafting and negotiating supply, services and technology agreements.
  • Represent an international public company with a full range of commercial contracts, including services contracts with customers, vendor contracts and information technology contracts.

Duraid have a bachelor in Law at 1998 experienced in litigation field specially teh civil adn criminal matters in Iraq region abd based in Germany. He advised major multinational clients and investors on acquisitions worth millions of dollars. He has an impressive track record for winning extremely large and difficult cases, and a proven history of courtroom success.


Duraid has enhanced AlKhazrji office by his expertise in corporate law transactional legal matters and his exceptional proficiency in dispute resolution matters. Through the years, his experience in providing legal services for Middle East investors and corporations, has gained him the trust and confidence of most investors leading the market.



  • Banks registration and approvals of CBI
  • Checks, fraud, robbery, breach of trust and bankruptcy.
  • Forgery, credit card fraud, unfair competition and wire fraud insurance.
  • Road traffic accidents, insurance and claims.
  • Offenses against the person including, burglary, murder, assault and malpractice.
  • Personal dignity including, defamation, slander, libel and personal offense.
  • Money laundering.
  • Unfair competition & fraudulent misuse of trade names, trademarks and copyrights.
  • Securities and shareholder litigation
  • Accountants’ liability litigation and regulatory
  • Contractual litigation such as claims about dues, profit and loss, release payment of guarantee.
  • Represent clients in criminal litigation such as murder, fraud, nursery, verification of marriage contract.
  • Claims related retirement salaries with the governmental deprtament specially for the people who lived outside Iraq.
  • Providing legal consultations on all legal aspects relating to personal-status matters, such as marriage, divorce, competence, guardianship, custody, wills, inheritance and estate disputes and division.
  • Representation of clients in matters of personal status before all judicial authorities.


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